Bladis 4

Optimal blade distribution on engine and gas turbine rotors

The Bladis 4 software, together with a moment or weight scale, allows weighing of turbine blades in the aerospace and energy industry, as well as optimized distribution along turbine stages. With the optimized distribution of weighed blades along the individual stages, the imbalance of the stage is minimized so that few balancing or trim weights have to be set for downstream imbalance processes or test rig runs. This saves work and weight on the relevant rotors. The most common predistribution patterns are preconfigured: single-jet falling, double-jet falling, twin-jet heavy-light, three-jet heavy-light etc. In addition, specific predistribution patterns can be specified and created by the customer. The weighed blades are stored in a database that can be accessed by other Bladis 4 systems, which enables networked operation with different workstations or locations.

Bladis Portable also works without connection to a moment or weight scale. By manually entering mass or moment weights of previously weighed blades or importing the data from a Bladis 4 database, you can easily and locally calculate the redistribution of turbine blades for a stage.

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