CAB 920

CAB 920 – Synthesis of ease of handling and maximum precision

CAB 920 surprises with its ingenuously simple user concept, the logical relations are apparent at first glance. The result is impressive: fast and reliable working with minimal learning effort. And with every conceivable technical rotor version. CAB 920 connects game-like handling with maximum precision in measurement value processing. That allows a very high balancing reduction ratio and thus many rotors are already within tolerance in the first measurement run.

The reference system for top performance in balancing

  • Operation of the balancing machine on three dialog pages
  • Rotorfile Wizard for guided setup of new rotors
  • Display vectorial and numerical
  • Dynamic unbalance measured in 2 planes, static unbalance and unbalance torque, display static and dynamic
  • Automatic tolerance comparison
  • Display polar or in evenly/unevenly distributed components
  • Tolerance calculation according to DIN ISO 21940-11
  • Protocol report in pdf format
  • Conversion to other setting data
  • Simple compensation, feather key compensation, reversal balancing
  • Control of drive for automatic measuring process
  • Context-based help function, automatic self-test
  • Measuring signal monitoring
  • Logbook function
  • Network-capable
  • Recovery USB stick

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