CABflex3 – The expert system for efficient balancing of shaft-elastic rotors

CABflex3 is the latest generation of our PC-based expert system for high-speed balancing of shaft-elastic rotors such as rollers, compressors, generators or steam turbines. It allows high-precision, quick and efficient balancing of elastic rotors.

The measured values of CABflex are added as raw data and saved to allow maximum possible flexibility in data analysis. Here a wide range of sensor types can be used. The number of channels can be freely chosen. In addition to the balance weights calculated with the influence coefficient method, different evaluations are offered, such as the Bode and Nyquist plots. Calculation of the modal residual imbalances, shaft path, runout profile, FFT analysis package, bending line, compensation optimization and forecast are just some of the software options available. Network capability and remote diagnostics via Internet round out the software service spectrum.

In terms of measurement technology – in addition to the moving coil pick-ups installed in the DH series bearing pedestals – non-contact sensors are used for measuring the shaft movement. This allows better analysis of the the behavior of the rotor in the plain bearing.

But in particular, the size of rotor deflections at certain locations can be determined, for example on overhanging shafts or in the rotor center.

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