Your winning edge with Schenck ONE:
Smart Software for wheel production

The series production of complete wheelsets is one of the decisive process stages in vehicle assembly today. This demands maximum flexibility from wheel production. Schenck ONE Wheel & Tire makes it possible to set up the production steps of the wheel line centrally - and thus reduce the set-up time by up to 75% while using the full range of functions. The option of offline set-up during ongoing production also offers further savings potential.

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Your advantages with Schenck ONE Wheel & Tire

Central Data







For greater data

Digitalization for smart production

We support you throughout the entire machine set-up process

For an optimal production result, it is necessary to set up the various complete wheel types precisely. Due to the different wheel types, large amounts of data have to be managed - and sometimes considerable
set-up times have to be planned. With Schenck ONE Wheel & Tire, there is now a central location where the settings for the various process steps are created and saved. The advantages: Minimization of production downtimes and reduction of production waste for a smart factory.

  • Planning & Preparing
    • Asset Manager

      Planning & Preparing: Asset Manager

      Manage your machines, plants, and complete production lines efficiently in the Asset Manager. Prepare production optimally by specifying technical data and work areas.

      • Management of your machines, production lines and plants
      • Specification of technical data and work areas
      • Mapping of your entire manufacturing structure
  • Complete Wheel Assembly
    • Wheel Manager

      Complete wheel assembly: Wheel Manager

      The Wheel Manager provides you with a powerful tool for simplified and centralized input and management of your wheel/tyre combinations. It works seamlessly in parallel with machine use - throughout the entire process. Optimized wheel production thanks to simplified data management and seamless integration into your production enviroment.

      • Simplified central input of machine data
      • Validation of input parameters
      • Live status of machine data
      • Recommendation of setup parameters based on empirical values
      • Update of the database with production data
  • User Management
    • User Manager

      User administration: User Manager

      With the ability to create an unlimited number of personalized user accounts, it offers three different user levels with different rights. In addition, the administrator is able to create and modify user accounts independently, allowing unprecedented flexibility and customization of user access management.

      • Unlimited number of personalized user accesses
      • Choice of 3 user levels with different user rights
      • Independent creation and editing of users by admin user

Do you have questions about our software solutions?
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Schenck ONE Wheel & Tire is available with the following machines

Our Schenck ONE software solution for the tire industry is available with both, new machines and existing systems. Our intelligent complete solutions for your assembly line offer a innovative concept for your smart production. We always find the right solution for your individual situation with our flexible and modular system.

Assembly machines

  • Small footprint for a reduced space requirement
  • The machines provide capabilities for the mounting of Runflat tires
  • Fully automatic with and without robots
  • Partly including match function

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Inflation machines

  • Individual filling ring configuration
  • Highest filling precision
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Cycle time neutral ring exchange in automatic mix mode

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Balancing machines

  • Fully automatic unbalance measuring machine
  • Shortest cycle times < 10sec
  • High-precision clamping adapter
  • Flexible application

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Correction stations

  • Compact construction
  • Universal machine concept
  • Precise positioning during correction
  • Fully automatic / Semiautomatic / Manual

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